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The Entreprenudist Podcast: The Place To Hear Real Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Bare It All

Oct 4, 2020

On this episode of The Entreprenudist Podcast, I talk to the Commerical Claims advocate, Vince Perri.

We Talk about:

0:00  Intro

0:57  What’s the difference between a Staff Adjuster, Independent Adjuster, and a Public Adjuster?

5:18  Interview Starts.

5:35  Who is Vince Perri, and what does he do?

6:06  What is the Commercial Claims Advocate?

10:26  What is a Thought Leader?

12:20  How to decrease you cost of acquiring a new customer?

13:51  Why should you put your content on multiple social media platforms?

16:08  Why should professionals get on LinkedIn?

16:58  LinkedIn vs Facebook?

18:11  How to pick a good Virtual Assistant?

20:52  Should you give potential new hires a personality assessment?

24:41  Why should you know your own strengths, and weaknesses before you hire an assistant?

25:54  Why does Vince Perri give away all of his best “secrets” for free?

29:43  What was Vince Perri’s awakening experience?

33:59  Why did Vince Perri become a Public adjuster?

39:33  Vince Perri does is best Jerry Maguire impression.

42:56  Vince Perri’s first experience working for a Public Adjusting Firm.

46:58  The benefit of failure.

49:36  Should you write down your Key Performance Indicators?

53:00  What are some of Vince Perri’s personal affirmations?

53:54  Why you should tell yourself daily affirmations?

56:02  How Vince Perri made $150,000 in just fifty hours?

58:16  Did Vince Perri ever think about stopping Public Adjusting?

59:30  Does having a lot money fix all of your problem?

1:02:29  Vince Perri’s Amazon store.

1:04:00  Who did Vince Perri get his entrepreneurial spirit from?

1:06:37  What’s the difference in salary between building your skillset as an employee, and a business owner.

1:11:18  Vince Perri’s passion for travel, and photography.

1:18:15  Talking to passengers on a plane.

1:19:10  Getting out of your comfort zone.

1:19:54  The United States Citizenship lottery.

1:23:14  Vince Perri’s last words to The Entreprenudist Podcast.

1:24:49  How to get in touch with Vince Perri?

1:26:49  How to monetize your passions.

1:32:49  My new Life Coach website


Vince Perri


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