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The Entreprenudist Podcast: The Place To Hear Real Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Bare It All

Sep 11, 2020

On this episode of The Entreprenudist Podcast, I talk with up, and coming music creator, @MiniProducer.

We talk about:

How he chose his name.  Why he started an LLC.  How to protect your name. What are royalty free loops.  The difference between an LLC and Sole Proprietor.  The difference between a beat and an instrumental.  MiniProducer's first beat.  Beat programs. What's a Pin generator.  What's a Midi keyboard.  His passion for fitness.  Social media ads.  Aggressive email marketing.  How to study other online marketers.  Artists that he's worked with.  How to get placements.  How to be ready for opportunity.  How to make content go viral.  His first example of an entrepreneur.  Other ways to monetize instrumentals.  PRO royalty checks.  Why you shouldn't be emotionally attached to beats.  How to attract money.  Samples of MiniProducer's beats.  Why it's important to include BPMs, and key in beat title.  How to format a beat that you're trying to sell.  The importance of using a producer tag.


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