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The Entreprenudist Podcast: The Place To Hear Real Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Bare It All

Oct 19, 2020

On the episode of The Entreprenudist Podcast:  The Place To Hear Real Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Bare It All, I talk with Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Candidate Audrieanna Burgin.

We Talk About:

0:00  Intro

1:38  Interview Starts

1:55  Who is Audrieanna Burgin, and what does she do?

3:15  What is an Intrepreneur?

3:30  What’s the difference between an Intrepreneur, and an Entrepreneur?

5:48  Can you do both, like Nick Cannon?

6:17  What is the most common form of funding for Start-Ups come from?

6:30 Are you unhappy because you work for someone else?

7:00  How is Audrieanna Burgin using her income to fund her business?

9:00  What does PhD Candidate Mean?

10:14  How does a Doctor of Philosophy Candidate defends her ideas?

11:30  It’s all or nothing to get the committee to make a new PhD.

12:49  What percentage of PhDs in Economics are awarded to African American women?

13:08  What’s a quantitative field?

14:05  Why should you step up your math game?

14:48  Ways to highly educate yourself without getting a Phd.

15:19  Audrieanna Burgin’s definition of Economics.

17:00  Supply and Demand.

18:00  The critical thinking of economics can help you with other parts of your life.

19:30  How many people started in Audrieanna Burgin’s PhD class?

20:00  Florida State University’s (FSU) PhD in Economics success rate.

20:20  What is a cohort?

21:40  How does FSU support students through diversity?

22:00  Audrieanna Burgin is a mentor.

24:00  It’s more blessed to give, than to receive.

24:35  Why did Audrieanna Burgin choose FSU?

26:00  How did Audrieanna Burgin fund her Phd?

29:00  How did Audrieanna Burgin and Randolph Love III meet?

30:40  Are the philosophies of God more synonymous with emotion, or math?

31:05  Audrieanna Burgin’s definition of a scientist.

32:35  What is a hypothesis?

34:50  What is the difference between an educated guess, and an educated question?

37:00  Educated question, educated guess, then educated answer.

39:05  Can a Phd’s educated guess be wrong;  and how do they overcome?

39:45  What does the term “statically significant” mean to scientist?

40:30  Examples of data that businesses might want to collect on their customers?

41:00  Do you accept these cookies?

41:50  One of few times that twenty-five percent is better than one hundred percent.

43:30  What to do if the data doesn’t give you a story?

45:00  Why isn’t the story there?

47:00  You can’t always trust your recollection.

47:45  Why is it important to know who your customer is?

49:45  How can customer data help you customize your products and services?

51:00  Basic ways for small businesses to start collecting customer data?

51:20  What is a CRM?

52:00  Shaking babies and kissing hands.

53:20  What does Audrieanna Burgin’s company do? (Visions Global Consulting)

56:15  How can visiting a Dentist’s office increase the customer experience of your company’s clientele?

58:15  Good teeth, and good hair are luxuries.

59:05  Why you should set your next appointment with your customers?

1:02:00  Get your customers email address.

1:02:30  What “tooth brush” can hair salon owners give their customers?

1:03:45  Dental Hygienist vs Salon Hair Washer.

1:07:00  Customer value vs Customer experience.

1:08:00  Treat your website like a physical store.

1:09:00  What is upselling?

1:10:40  Business in churning.

1:12:30  What is churning in insurance?

1:13:40  How has Audrieanna Burgin’s faith help her business?

1:14:30  Audrieanna Burgin currently sits on the board of four non-profit organizations.

1:15:15  Don’t rule over the ashes.

1:16:00  To get the trust of your clients, you mut have integrity.

1:17:40  Spirituality is like at course subject;  religion is like the syllabus.

1:18:00  Common traits of successful graduate students.

1:21:18  Audrieanna Burgin’s last words.

1:21:45  How to get in touch with Audrieanna Burgin?

1:23:54  Why you should defend your ideas?


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