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The Entreprenudist Podcast: The Place To Hear Real Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Bare It All

Sep 27, 2020

On this Episode of The Entreprenudist Podcast, I talk with, Board Certified Chiropractor, Doctor Percell Sanders.

We Talk about:

0:00  Intro

1:56  Interview starts

2:08  Who is Dr Percell Sanders, and what does he typically treat?

2:57  Can seeing a Chiropractor cure your headaches / migraines

4:18  What does Subluxation mean?  

4:54  How is your brain, spine, and spinal cord related to a hardwired computer?

6:03  Success story of how Doctor Percell Sanders helped cure one of his patient’s chronic migraines

8:30  Should you see a Chiropractor regular basis, or just as needed?

14:19  After an auto accident, should you see a Chiropractic doctor, or a Medical doctor?

16:18  After an auto accident, what are the benefits of going to a multi-disciplinary office?

18:12  Can a Chiropractor perform physicals for student athletes?

18:51  Do Chiropractors on work on your back and neck?

21:06  Can seeing a chiropractor increase your creativity?

21:42  Celebrities that have Chiropractors

22:23  Do people hold their past traumas in their posture?

23:20  Success story of how Doctor Percell Sanders helped someone change their entire demeanor

25:33  Why do people like to see Chiropractor’s crack people’s necks on social media

30:17  Does cracking your knuckles cause arthritis?   

31:57  What are Chiropractors feeling for before they adjust someone’s neck?

34:01  What training do Chiropractors do while in school?

35:55  Success story of how Doctor Percell Sanders helped cure my shoulder pain

39:20  The difference between curing the cause of a problem, or just masking the symptoms

41:44  Success story of how Doctor Percell Sanders helped cure one of his patient’s sinus issues

42:33  How does masking the symptoms, instead of curing the cause, compare to a slow leak in your tire?

45:29  How addressing just one limiting belief in your life, fix multiple other thing you didn’t expect?

49:00  Do you have to have a Bachelor’s degree to go to Chiropractic school?

52:33  Does it matter what type of Bachelor’s degree you have before entering Chiropractic school?

56:23  When did Doctor Percell Sanders decide to be a Chiropractor?

1:00:36  When was a time that Doctor Percell Sanders overcame failure?

1:05:00  Why do parents want their children to marry a Lawyer or a Doctor

1:06:04  Does becoming a Doctor change the way the people treat you, who already knew you before?

1:09:56  Where does Life University rank versus other Chiropractic schools?

1:12:25  What to expect when taking the state Chiropractic board exam?

1:14:42  What salary can a first year Chiropractor typically expect?

1:16:58  Advice I was given from experienced Chiropractors, to pass on to Doctor Percell Sanders while he was in school

1:19:56  Can a Chiropractor pass on their business to their child, if the child is not a licensed Chiropractor?

1:20:52  How to get in touch with Doctor Percell Sanders?

1:21:39  Can seeing a Chiropractor cure some digestive issues?

1:22:47  How do installment purchases typically work when buying an existing business, and what are some of the benefits of buying a business that way?


Doctor Percell Sanders:  @DrPSandz

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